2020 celebrity breakups

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THE year 2020 has so far seen several celebrity breakups that hit us hard; sadly for anyone who believes in celebrity love, the disappointments keep on coming.

Songstress Rachel J and politician Terrence Mukupe ended their marriage. Mudiwa and his Portuguese wife Angelica called off their union.

Seh Calaz and Moira Knight split after a few years. And Olinda and Tytan ended their short marriage. There were also some quick, memorable romances that flamed out among them comedienne Mai Titi and singer Zizoe Pamyk.

In February this year, socialite Olinda filed for divorce from her singer husband Tytan Nkomo stating that the singer had entered into marriage only for the purpose of acquiring immigration documents for him to stay in the United Kingdom.

This followed their much-publicised break-up in 2019 which saw both making allegations against each other.
Tytan went public crying his eyes out while raising HIV/Aids fears. Olinda on the hand raised cheating allegations against the singer.

The month of March witnessed yet another nasty fight involving songstress Rachel J and politician Terrence Mukupe.

While issues around their relationship were private, the fallout was all over social and public platforms.

It was alleged that the songstress had been impregnated by flamboyant preacher Shepherd Bushiri; allegations which she and the preacher denied. Rachel also denied being married to Mukupe and this was revealed through a letter from her family.

Another couple, comedienne Mai Titi and singer Zizoe Pamyk were to follow the breakup path after months of showcasing their romance on social media which earned them the moniker ‘mukwesos’.

While their love life was the envy of many, again it ended in tears with dirty linen being washed in public.

Mai Titi threw a below the belt punch claiming the singer lacked romance in the bedroom alleging that Zizoe was a ‘‘one-minute man’’.


She claimed that she had been approached by the singer’s brother to help him become famous as a musician. She was bitter that she looked after the singer and allowed him to use her vehicles.

And gospel rapper Mudiwa, known for flaunting his wealth on social media again found his home issues on social media after breaking up with his Portuguese wife Angelica. The couple is blessed with a son and the wife had to leave the rapper with the child.

Again cheating allegations were raised although the singer challenged the wife to bring evidence. This again had to play out on Instagram for everyone to see!

The latest couple hitting the news headlines on breaking up is dancehall star Seh Calaz and Moira Knight, daughter to broadcaster Eric Knight.

Moira could not keep it to herself and took to social media alleging neglect on the part of the singer. She alleged Calaz is irresponsible to the extent of splashing money outside while neglecting the home.

Claims are that she vainly tried to have issues resolved amicably as she engaged the singer’s relatives but he was not forthcoming.

Calaz confirmed the breakup on social media and asked for privacy during the period of his marriage demise but again as a popular figure the feud couldn’t escape public scrutiny. He made it public by writing about it on social media.

As the old adage says, he who lives by the sword dies by the sword and in this context he who lives on social media dies on social media!

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