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10 years for cutting telecoms pole

A 48-YEAR-OLD man from Mbare, Harare, was jailed for 10 years after he was caught cutting a pole carrying telecommunication wires which he wanted to use for firewood.

Karakadzai Mwashairei pleaded guilty to “wilful damage, interference with or theft of telecommunication lines and apparatus” when he appeared before a regional court.

He was slapped with an effective 10-year mandatory imprisonment. 

Mwashairei told the court that he wanted to use the pole for fire wood as he thought it was no longer in use.

The court heard that on September 5 last year, a security guard at Zesa transport premises along Lyton road saw Mwashairei cutting a pole carrying telecommunication wires.

 She called for help and she was assisted in apprehending him and recovered a saw and two pieces of the pole.

Mwashairei was then taken to CID Minerals Flora and Fauna Unit where a Telone official identified the pole as their company’s.

The damaged pole was valued at $24 650.

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