Zim celebs bare all


CONTROVERSIAL dancehall singer Uncle Epaton, pictured, says his family actually prays for him and his music to prosper despite the dirty lyrics.

The chanter revealed this during a session of Bachelors Couch, a celebrity interview hosted by singer Tocky Vibes at the clothing outlet — Bachelors Republic.

This was the second session of the couch interviews after Ti Gonzi, exploring controversial issues in the singers’ careers.

During that interview, Ti Gonzi revealed the friction he had with singer Ishan after the success of their duet Kure.
With Uncle Epaton, Tocky Vibes asked him about the controversy around his lyrics, with the entertainer responding that it is just art.

He likened his lyrics on the Rinobatwa Ipapo song to acting, saying it is something that exists in fantasy and if people follow what he sings about, they would get into trouble in real life.

“This is like acting and if you go on to do it, you could be arrested,” he said.
Speaking to the Daily News yesterday, Tocky Vibes said this is a way through which entertainers can connect with their followers.

“This is a platform that brings the celebrities to the people. People will get to understand the reasons behind their music and some issues in their lives. Some people may know their music but not their stories and this is what they will be sharing,” he said.

With the current lockdown, the third episode is widely anticipated.

“I work with Zim celebs who are behind the visuals and we are happy with the feedback that we are getting. So far, we have done two episodes,” he said.

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