Mauchi pens poem on coronavirus


©️ POET Abel Mauchi has written a poem on coronavirus (Covid-19) with a message to the public and the authorities, saying the virus is not selective.

The Gutu-bred wordsmith, whose popularity has risen after his poems went viral on social media, centres his message on the World Health Organisation awareness campaign on hygiene, discouraging handshakes, touching the face and on the symptoms.

He says the virus knows no social class and can affect anyone, urging village heads and chiefs in rural areas to pass on the message.

The dreadlocked poet also taps into the lockdown which has resulted in the closure of pubs and bars, saying this will be a difficult period for imbibers and sex workers.

He encourages people to stay at home, wash their hands constantly and observe social distancing.

“Chinzvenga mutsvairo murege, garai pachenyu ichi chinouraya,
“Mawoko mugeze kudenga hakudi vane maoko akanonera,
“Muite zvemukaha pakugarisana, pakorona mira nezvako musagunzvana,
“Zvovodzivira mabhawa, mhombwe nezvipfeve havachadyi rinopisa,”

With the police already on the ground enforcing the lockdown, Mauchi warns that violators will be arrested.

Mauchi’s poem further warns of overcrowding in prisons, which he says will be disastrous for those locked up if there is an outbreak.

He also emphasises the need for global cooperation in fighting the pandemic, saying leaders should come together for a common purpose.

Mauchi has written over a thousand poems and can recite over 700 from memory.
He has penned several poems touching on different happenings in the country and has contributed to the anthology titled Mutakunanzva — a set text in the Zimsec Shona literature syllabus.

Many will recognise him for his catch phrase “Abel Mauchi manga muchimuziva here?”


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