Woman loses womb, demands $400 000 from doctor


A HARARE woman has dragged a medical doctor and a hospital which attended to her when she was pregnant to the High Court demanding $400 000, after the physician removed her uterus without her consent.

Nyasha Chiweshere is now demanding compensation from the medical practitioner, only identified in court papers as A Marume, and Queen of Peace Maternity Hospital for psychological and emotional trauma, future medical expenses, loss of income and loss of dignity.

Chiweshere told the court her uterus was removed after she visited Marume’s chambers for a routine check-up in March last year as she was pregnant.

“When plaintiff (Chiweshere) was about to deliver her baby, the first defendant (Marume) suddenly referred her to the second defendant (Queen of Peace Maternity Hospital) despite the fact that he was well aware that she had been registered at West End Hospital.

“After delivering her baby at second defendant’s hospital, some hot water bottles were placed on the bed on the pretext that they would improve warmth. However, the bottles were not wrapped in towels and that resulted in plaintiff sustaining serious burns on her left side.

“In the meanwhile, after four days, plaintiff asked the first defendant the best family planning methods to use and she got the shock of her life as she was told that he had removed her uterus (womb). Plaintiff had not consented to this,” Chiweshere told the court.

She said Marume’s actions resulted in her suffering psychological and emotional trauma.

“The plaintiff is still nursing wounds sustained and her left side most often gets numb and she will be unable to use the left hand.

“Plaintiff is a farmer and she is now unable to do her activities and this has greatly affected her farming business.

“Plaintiff has lost her dignity by having her uterus removed by the first defendant,” she said.
In terms of her application, Chiweshere is demanding $150 000 for psychological and emotional trauma, $50 000 for future medical expenses, $100 000 for loss of income and $100 000 for loss of dignity.

“Despite demand the defendants have failed, refused and or neglected to pay,” she said.
The medical doctor and the institution have not yet responded to Chiweshere’s claim.

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