West Properties empowering Zimbabweans

WEST Property is empowering thousands of people through home ownership at its various developments through availing well planned, affordable luxury lifestyle mixed use residential estates.

People buying into these properties are actively investing into a lifestyle that transcends generations. Our offerings epitomize the concept of luxury living from design, finishing and 24 hour security services, says company CEO and property mogul Ken Sharpe.
“We are introducing you into luxury and secure lifestyle estates. Our developments have all the requirements that range from shopping malls, churches, entertainment and offices among other day to day family needs, recreational and sporting facilities,” he says.
West Property is on a massive drive to redefine- the modern lifestyle in Zimbabwe – a missing feature that locals have always cherished on foreign visits such as in Dubai and other developed economies.
The value of your property is guaranteed to grow with each brick we put into the ground on all our developments,” he says.
West Property has a vision of laying one billion bricks by 2050 and has projected its initial investment to be worth US$5 billion with estimation that the value will grow to between US$15 and US$30 billion in the next 28 years when the current projects are completed.
“We have a 28 year old vision premised on hope for a better Zimbabwe”, he says.
The property market is regarded by many as a safe bank as it stores and grows in value.
“With the scarcity of land – the best time to invest in the available land is now. Such an investment will certainly grow and reward the investor handsomely,” says Sharpe who has also experienced the phenomenal value of investing in property.
“I speak from personal experience. I bought properties during periods of high inflation. I can never regret my decisions. I wish the same for everybody else,” he says.

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