Luminitsa, Jemwa is determined to, among other things, debunk the theory that the club scene is a preserve of men.
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The club scene doesn’t belong to men: Luminitsa…as she lights up ‘Diamond & Dolls’

SOCIALITE Luminitsa Jemwa has described the reality show ‘Diamond & Dolls’ as a great opportunity she couldn’t pass up.

‘Diamond & Dolls,’ which premiered on Showmax on 7 March, is a six-episode series that follows musician and social media influencer Tebogo Ramokgadi and his four socialite friends, who include Zimbabwe-born Luminitsa, on their journey to fame and fortune.
The other members of the cast are Zimbabwean fashion blogger Lolo Mlungwana, nightclub promoter Inno Morolong and nightclub hostess Eva Modika.

The Diamond and Dolls fly first-class to private holiday destinations and throw the wildest parties at exclusive venues.
The five members of the cast, whose closets are filled with expensive fashion brands, are, however, prone to drama, chaos, bickering and yelling at each other at their feisty dinner parties.

Luminitsa, who divorced China-based Zimbabwean striker Nyasha Mushekwi in 2017, is determined to, among other things, debunk the theory that the club scene is a preserve of men.

“We can go from being daughters to running businesses and capitalising on the nightlife. The club scene doesn’t belong to men. There is money to be made as a gorgeous woman,” said Luminitsa, adding that her stint on ‘Diamond & Dolls’ will prove to the world that she is much more than a beautiful body.
 “I am here to prove that women are multi-faceted. I possess different qualifications and I am an all-rounder. I am a perfect example of beauty with brains. I hold multiple qualifications. I am a well-travelled business owner with interests ranging from fuel to mining and the cosmetics industry.”

The controversial socialite has a degrees in sports management and science, project development and business science as well as a master’s degree in psychiatry and clinical psychology. Barely a month into the reality show, Lumi, who is known to her fans as the global citizen, has already stepped onto the toes of fellow members of the ‘Diamond & Dolls’ cast, particularly Morolong. The nightclub promoter recently attacked the Zimbabwean socialite for being “fake.”

“Lumi you actually mistreat people for no reason. The same people that plug you. You treat them like D**s. You are just a user so you can get your five minutes to fame.

“You are a fake doll. All people have said sh** about you but I wanted to actually not judge all the bad people have said about you.
“I took time to know you but I realised you actually hate people. You don’t like anyone but yourself. O Nyonya Batho, Ha O Na Botho. I actually don’t ever wanna work with a plastic girl like you,” wrote Inno on Instagram.

It would appear, though, that the unscripted ‘Diamond & Dolls’ is unfolding exactly the way producer Tebogo envisaged. Prior to the premiere of the reality show, he promised explosive moments and drama. He also, tellingly, described Lumi as an “enigma that I’m still trying to wrap my head around.”

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