Gabriella Lavigne Cosmetics has a wide range of products that include perfumes, lipsticks, waterproof eyebrow pens and shower gels

Gabriella Lavigne taking perfume’s and empowerment to the next level

THE are many successful business people, but few are legendary. Legends are built on great stories that speak to the hearts of people.

Speaking of legends, the story of legendary women in Zimbabwe, that have made a significant difference in the lives of women across the country will not be enough without mentioning Ms Blessing Muzvongi, who was the brains behind Oceane Cosmetics, a brand which became a household name by empowering women without capital to wealth.

Under her leadership, Oceane perfumes, gave away a total of 32 cars and it brought meaningful difference in the lives of thousands of people who distributed the brand, through the commissions they earned.

At a time economic challenges are affecting many businesses, and we have seen many companies shut down, being the legend she is, Ms Blessing Muzvongi like a phoenix has bounced back, backed up by south african bigwigs with a new brand called Gabriella Lavigne Cosmetics, the wide range of products that reflects the epitome of uttermost class, Include perfumes, eye shadow pallettes, differing and exciting shades of lipstains, waterproof eyebrow pens, highlighters, hand lotions, eye lashes and shower gels.

During her time away from Zimbabwe, driven by her passion to see women becoming financially free, she learnt through different companies a concept that will see all people willing to work who will be distributing the range of products earning between US$500-US$4000 per month which is great news for a lot of Zimbabweans who did not know where to start from after the Covid pandemic. The company has started off with a Car competition which will see best sellers walking away with Honda Fit the new shape, they have also adopted the ok grand challenge concept whereby frequent buyers of the product will walk away with cars.

Judging by their colourful Facebook page the brand is already trending in South Africa, Mall of Africa and selected pharmacies and boutiques around South Africa, it was featured in Bona Magazine. The brand is also in Zambia and other southern African countries. Ms Blessing Muzvongi said

“Facing the facts that due to covid-19 worldwide, economies are going through economic hardships worse in Zimbabwe cannot be disputed, but what I can dispute is someone’s insistence that they cannot change their own lives”. The news of retrenchments, anti-retrenchment measures, winding up as well as judicial management among insolvency actions is common now. It is no secret that the several people are landing on a hard place when such cases strike.

Ms Blessing Muzvongi said Covid-19 brought the reality that relying on one source of income was a major risk, the key to building financial freedom is creating multiple sources of income. In fact, the average millionaire has seven sources of income! When you have multiple streams of income, basically, you aren’t putting all of your eggs in one basket! So, if you were to lose your job or if you are distributing for one brand and they fail to supply stock, if one or two sources aren’t generating enough, you have other income flowing in to prevent financial problems.

She encouraged people who are selling different products to also stock on Gabriella Lavigne Cosmetics, she said each product is a different source of income there are other people who might buy Avon but never buy Gabriella or vise versa, she went on to explain that the danger of distributing one brand is it may sometimes run out of stock therefore it was a wise move for distributors to stock on as many different products as possible.

With her empowerment initiative she is bringing hope to many people and bringing enlightenment that the covid-19 taught us all, never to rely on one source of income. I am talking to someone who has been selected for compulsory retrenchment and has no clue on what to do to fend for their families. I am speaking to an employee who has not been getting paid for months, and is in oblivion as to what to do. I’m speaking to all people who have always wanted to do something but they lack capital. You can transform the state of your income, by transforming the state of your mind. When you refuse to be a victim, and choose to be in control of your life, you can move your life from where you are to where you ought to be. The secret, is in starting.

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