Sifundo Chief Moyo

Sifundo Moyo is new Papu secretary-general

ZIMBABWE’S post master general, Sifundo Chief Moyo was yesterday morning elected the secretary-general of the Pan African Postal Union (Papu) uncontested after the disqualification of his challenger from Egypt.  

The election at the Papu conference in the resort town of Victoria Falls was heated after Egypt attempted and failed to field a candidate out of time, while Mali was disqualified from voting after the recent military coup and its membership suspension by the Africa Union. 

Egypt pitched arguments until early Saturday morning, but in vain. In line with the principle of geographical representation and gender balance, Uganda’s Jessica Ssengooba landed the assistant secretary-general post. 

Postal and Courier Services minister Jenfan Muswere said Zimbabwe has been a member of the Papu since 1980, and has actively participated in the body’s activities, through the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (Potraz). This is the first time Zimbabwe has held such a post at Papu. 

He said Moyo was a suitable candidate for the post of Papu secretary-general supported by his strong background.  

“He is a qualified and extensively experienced postal expert whose proficiency and leadership are complimented by his strong academic background. He has received extensive postal technical training and international industry experience.  

“We humbly appeal to you and your respective countries to support our candidate for the Papu secretary-general post as this will benefit the union, and solidify the continent’s postal vision in the global geo-postal space,” he added.  

Following his election, Moyo vowed to work hard to ensure postal services on the continent adopt to the ever-changing technological trends. 

“My work is cut out and just beginning and I can assure you, I will diligently and hole heartedly execute my functions and duties. I will support all countries and all regions equally but with emphasis on those that are lagging behind needing to reach higher levels of achievement and viability. 

“Strategic partnerships will be sought for to enrich the capacity and enhance the viability of the union. 

“I want to see more activity between Papu and the postal mother body UPU, sub regional bodies in Africa and many more bodies with whom we will explore areas of mutual interest,” Moyo said in his acceptance speech.

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