‘Security ready to crush any insurrection’

Sindiso Mhlophe

SECURITY forces are united and will come in full force to crush any insurrection, Home Affairs minister Kazembe Kazembe said yesterday as he warned organisers of tomorrow’s anti-corruption demonstration.

This comes as the government has maintained its position that the planned July 31 anti-corruption protest is “foreign”-funded and aimed at removing a constitutionally-elected government.
Addressing journalists during a press briefing in Harare, Kazembe dismissed claims that the presidium and security forces were divided over the planned protests.


“…31 July is a planned insurrection, a naked illegal and unconstitutional attempt to seize power. It is about the MDC Alliance attempting to violently overturn the people’s verdict of 31 July 2018. The MDC Alliance spends most of its energy daily creating fake news meant to sow disunity in the government’s top leadership, the presidium in particular, and also to encourage mutiny in the security services.
“But they will be disappointed to discover that there is no disunity in the presidium and that the security services will descend upon any unlawful activity on the 31st of July. They will have a rude awakening come 31 July when they will learn that the security services are solid and resolve in their purpose to preserve constitutionalism and democracy in Zimbabwe,” Kazembe said.
He further warned any individuals wanting to participate in the protests that they would be dealt with by the security forces.
Kazembe indicated that the protest was banned as evidence has shown that it is going to turn violent.
“Experience has shown that demonstrations organised by the opposition and their western handlers have consistently and by design degenerated into violence, thereby resulting in the loss of life and injury to people, destruction of and or damage of property among other ills.
“The July 31 planned insurrection, masquerading under misleading hashtag themes such as #July 31 #people power, #shutdown Zimbabwe, #corruption must go are in actual fact an attempt to reverse the outcome of the 31 July 2018 harmonised elections as shown by the real main hashtags in use #Zanupfmustgo and #EDmustfall,” he said.
Kazembe described the planned demonstrations as criminal activities aimed at advancing the MDC Alliance’s ambitions to come into power through the “back door”.
He further accused the MDC Alliance of fronting the caged Free Zimbabwe president Jacob Ngarivhume, among other July 31 organisers, to enable the party’s leader Nelson Chamisa to gain power unconstitutionally.
“If you look at all the hashtags that are there on Twitter and Facebook, they are all saying #ZanuPFmustgo and #EDmustfall. There is no election that we are aware of between today and Friday. So how then does ED go? How then does Zanu PF fall? It can only be through unconstitutional means because there is no election we are aware of.
“We have evidence that T-shirts are being printed and inscribed Zanu PF so that people are going to be violent wearing these,” Kazembe said.
He further warned international powers against funding insurrection in the country, adding that they would face the consequences of their actions.
This comes at a time when the US government has summoned Zimbabwe’s ambassador in Washington DC after Zanu PF spokesperson Patrick Chinamasa called the US ambassador to Zimbabwe, Brian Nichols, a “thug” and accused him of funding the July 31 protest.
“Reading from the Serbian canvas authored regime change script, the MDC Alliance is busy studying other case studies where street violence has been deployed against governments around the world with a view to mimic the same in Zimbabwe. Let them be warned that Zimbabwe is not those countries.
“Government is primed to prevail over any entity or individual that threatens its constitutional mandate of protecting the will and security of the people. Government is also aware of those funding these nefarious activities and they must not cry when consequences visit them,” Kazembe said.
The minister added that the protests had nothing to do with fighting corruption, saying that if the MDC Alliance was sincere about fighting graft it would start by addressing the scourge in the opposition-led municipalities.
“Mnangagwa has shown that he is committed to dealing with corruption. When he took office he made it clear that there was going to be zero tolerance of corruption.  Of late we have seen a lot of high profile people being arrested and being taken to court including the police.
“Some police officers have been found on the wrong side of the law and they are before the courts as we speak. Two cabinet ministers were arrested and there was a director called (Douglas) Tapfuma who was arrested and is serving as we are speaking.
“How else do you want the president to deal with corruption except to put up an institutional framework that deals with corruption and that he has done? Do you expect him to hold a gun and shoot somebody? Kazembe said.

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