Norton goes for three months without water

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RESIDENTS in some parts of Norton, one of Harare’s dormitory towns, have gone for more than three months with dry taps.
The town, which gets its water from the Harare City Council, has seen areas like Katanga going for more than three months without the precious liquid.

Harare is also failing to adequately provide residents with potable water owing to insufficient supplies of treatment chemicals. This is despite the fact that the town is situated between two man-made water bodies, Lake
Chivero and Darwendale Dam.

A Katanga resident, Memory Mlambo, said they were now getting water from tanks being delivered by well-wishers.

Another resident blamed the Norton Town Council for failing to build its own water treatment plant and relying on Harare, which is clearly not coping.

“The council dropped plans to put up a treatment plant after drilling a few boreholes,” he said.

Norton Town Council deputy chairperson councillor Reign Mtatabikwa said: “Of course we are still getting water from Harare.” Norton Member of Parliament Temba Mliswa also blamed the local authority for failing to come up with a permanent solution to the water challenges.

“It’s poor planning because Norton has two huge water bodies along Manyame River, Darwendale Dam and Lake Chivero so, at the end of the day, why would we want to buy water, we must be exporting water to other towns,” he
said. — New Ziana

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