No time to disobey the authorities


FOR the past two weeks, Zimbabwe has been observing a nation-wide lockdown meant to contain the spread of the killer coronavirus (Covid-19).

At least three Zimbabweans have died so far of the novel virus from 14 confirmed cases recorded locally.
During the lockdown, only security services and those people deemed to be offering essential services are allowed free movement.

All other citizens should leave their homes only in the event of going to a nearby grocery store or when seeking medical assistance.

However, since the lockdown has been effected, most citizens have disobeyed the laid-down procedures and continued to move around.

In most suburbs across the country, people could be seen going about their everyday chores like jogging, attending to their urban crops and drinking beer at shebeens.

While doing so, no social distancing is taking place as people seem oblivious to the dangers of this novel virus.
In some instances, people only disperse at the sight of security services who are moving around enforcing the lockdown.

What people are forgetting is that coronavirus is a dangerous pandemic which has crippled the entire globe due to its contagious nature.

Developed economies in Europe, the United States and Asia are currently at a standstill as a result of the disease.
Here in Zimbabwe we seem to be waiting for a catastrophe to happen before we take the virus seriously and start behaving in an appropriate manner to prevent its spread.

Of course, most Zimbabweans survive on less than a US dollar a day as they live from hand to mouth.

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