Ndiweni raps govt over coronavirus preparedness


©️ DETHRONED popular Ntabazinduna traditional leader Chief Felix Ndiweni has lashed out at the government over what he termed “lack of its preparedness” in the face of the deadly coronavirus.

The outspoken Ndiweni, who recently returned from the United Kingdom following the death of his mother, said government had failed to put civil contingence plans to deal with the pandemic.

“Every government engages in what is called civil contingencies, these are things that any government should do to plan for any eventuality say in case of a contagion, pandemic, an accident, train overturns or spillage of chemicals.

“Now when you are to deal with civil contingencies you are planning and putting things together. For us Zimbabweans it’s clear we had over a month-and-a-half preparation time, but on the ground we are seeing nothing.

We are seeing our government trying to put last minute plans,” Ndiweni said.

This comes as government indicated that there was no facility in the second largest city that can, at the moment, deal with a coronavirus patient, a development that would see anyone who tests positive transferred to Harare.

“It’s by the grace of God that we will survive. We have been let down. The first responsibility of government is to protect citizens, but we have not been protected,” he said.

The tough talking Ndiweni further poked holes in the government’s ruthlessness in dealing with the country’s health practitioners.

“Only a few weeks ago, nurses and doctors were being fired, but today they are on the frontline, and they are the first and last call of defence.

“They are under-staffed and under-resourced, but nurses have been put on the front line.

“We are aware that everything that they have been asking for months has not been done and that’s a great betrayal of the health service.

“The nurses today are more important than the military side,” Ndiweni said.

He appealed to international funders to monitor and trace their funds to guard against corruption.

“I will be calling out in a very loud voice to say whatever resources or funds that come from the international community must not be touched by this government.

“Those international organisations must facilitate themselves in our country because we can see what resulted in phenomenal corruption,” he said.


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