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Nando’s in Cyril banter

FAST food chain Nando’s has poked fun at President Cyril Ramaphosa’s “Farmgate” scandal, in response to South African power utility Eskom’s announcement this week of possible load-shedding.

At the same time, fiery Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema has alleged that there is a video depicting Ramaphosa counting hard cash in an aeroplane which could also be leaked soon.

Nando’s is known among social media users for its witty jokes and engagement with current affairs.
The power utility had said earlier this week that its system was constrained, warning further that it could implement another punishing round of load-shedding. “Eskom cautions the public that due to the continued shortage of generation capacity, the power system will be very constrained this evening and for the next few days.

“Should there be further significant breakdowns, load-shedding may be required at short notice, most likely during the peak hours of 5pm to 10pm,” Eskom said.   Nando’s responded: “Nis’founele (call us) once load-shedding hits, we have some sides hidden under a mattress. It’s a steal.”
This comes as Ramaphosa remains at the centre of controversy after a burglary at his Phala Phala farm in 2020.

Former SA spy boss Arthur Fraser opened a criminal case against the president, claiming that he concealed the theft of millions in that burglary.
He said the allegations emanated from “the theft of millions of US dollars, (in excess of $4m) concealed within the premises of the president’s Phala Phala farm in Waterberg, Limpopo, by criminals who were colluding with his domestic worker”.

Charges filed by Fraser included defeating the ends of justice, kidnapping suspects, their interrogation on his property and bribery.
Ramaphosa has denied involvement in criminality and has responded to calls for him to step aside saying that he will not do so as this would undermine investigations by authorities.

Meanwhile, Malema has alleged that there is video depicting Ramaphosa counting hard cash in a plane which could be leaked soon.
This emerged after Malema addressed EFF supporters at the party’s rally to commemorate national Youth Day on Thursday.
“There is a video which will leak. If he is talking too much it will be released. They were inside a plane counting hard cash in dollars.
“That is gangsterism counting. How do we have a president who counts money like he is in a taxi rank,” Malema said.

Malema has also previously announced that the EFF has declared a fight against Ramaphosa.
“It is only the EFF that can stop the mattress revolution Ramaphosa. The EFF has declared the war on him,” he said last week. — TimesLive & SABC

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