Mobile gas purchase app launched in Zim


A ZIMBABWEAN engineering firm, Zwane Enterprises P/L, has developed a mobile application for the purchase of LP gas in the country.

Set to be launched tomorrow, the app allows customers to receive gas purchases from their relatives and friends both inside and outside Zimbabwe once they join the gas app platform.

Zwane chief executive Bekithemba Mbambo told the Daily News that the app is the first in a family of commodity apps they are developing.

“We have developed an app called GasAppat … We decided to launch GasAppat first. GasAppat enables consumers to buy gas online in Zimbabwe from anywhere in the world.

“Basically, GasAppat has two components, the distributor app, which is the component we install on the dealer’s PC.

A dealer without this component is not in our system. Then there is the customer app, which is installed in the android phones of consumers.

“As a client, you can — from the comfort of your home, even those in the Diaspora, now check gas suppliers in your area of interest, the gas prices and whether they have products. If you are self-buying and in Zimbabwe, it can also show you the distance to the gas suppliers nearest you.”

Zwane head IT consultant and Gasappat project manager Francis Mukusha said the product is in sync with digitisation.

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