Mnangagwa warns his corrupt aides

Sindiso Mhlophe

©️  PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa yesterday warned key figures in his government involved in corruption that they would be dealt with mercilessly, the Daily News reports.

This comes as several senior government officials have been accused of engaging in corrupt activities related to the procurement of coronavirus materials.
This saw Health and Child Care minister Obadiah Moyo being arrested last week on allegations of corruption regarding a US$60m deal to procure Covid-19 test kits and medical equipment.
Moyo is out on $50 000 bail.
Speaking at the National Heroes Acres in Harare yesterday, during the burial of the late national hero Stanley Nleya ,72, — who succumbed to a heart attack last week — Mnangagwa put his lieutenants on notice.
“Let us all play our part to ensure that good triumphs over evil in our country. My government will never shy away from implementing policies and measures that will ensure that the honest workers of our country live favourably.
“We shall not allow a situation where our people live in insecurity, hunger and deprivation, because it is now apparent that in our midst there are wolves in sheep’s clothing. The end is coming,” he said.
Mnangagwa also challenged all those in leadership positions across various sectors to self-introspect — to see if they could put the interests of the people they served above theirs and mould those around them to be dependable, honest and loyal citizens.
“Let us all introspect and ask ourselves as leaders in our various fields if we can be counted on for the advancement of the cause of our nation.
“Can you as businessmen and women or civil servants of our nation be deployed to advance the present national development agenda?
“Can you put national interests and the interest of the majority ahead of your own? In the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, can you be trusted to direct operations in the fight against the spread of the scourge?
“Can you be counted on to reject and expose practices which are contrary to the interests of the majority?” Mnangagwa asked.
He further called for patience, focus and discipline as his government attempts to resolve the country’s worsening economic crisis.
This comes as Zimbabwe is rapidly approaching the horrors of 2008 when the country’s currency was decimated by hyper-inflation, with the prices of most basic commodities now out of the reach of ordinary citizens.
It also comes as health professionals, including nurses and doctors are on strike demanding the payment of their salaries in US dollars, saying that the 50 percent increment and US$75 Covid-19 allowance that they recently received had already been eroded by hyper-inflation.
“Under the second republic, we are determined to modernise and transform the economic, social, political and technological landscape of our great country.
“As it was during the liberation struggle, our present journey to national development will have challenges, delays and detours. This era in the history of our country calls for focus, discipline and unyielding resolve.
“Let us never be complacent, the war of today has neither guns nor bombs. The war against our economic prosperity is ongoing. Rest assured that the enemies of the progress and economic growth of our country will never win,” Mnangagwa said.
“The challenges we face are not insurmountable. I exhort all of us, not to surrender.
“Let us today equally fight on through consistent production and hard honest work. A better life for our people shall be realised,” he added.


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    Why don t you ignore them completely, no matter how good they try to be when they see that you are becoming truely independent.Please stop inviting them back in all forms and spheres

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