Marondera to prioritise duped homeseekers


MARONDERA Municipality has resolved to prioritise homeseekers who were duped during political campaigns four years ago in its housing project after various people were made to pay money but they do not own housing stands.

In 2015, during by-elections campaigns, homeseekers paid US$1 500 for residential stands which were to be allocated by the council at Elmswood Farm but failed to materialise as the same piece of land was owned by a private developer.

Marondera mayor Chengetai Murowa said the council will consider the plight of those people as they unveil more land for residential stands.

“We are much concerned by the Elmswood land issue in which people were made to pay various amounts through council and never got the stands even though we were not there as councillors when it happened,” Murowa said.

This comes as the local authority is working on clearing a 17 000-housing backlog, with 14 000 housing stands set to be allocated this year in Hunyani Timberlands area.

Council is partnering FBC Bank for the construction of high-rise flats set to benefit close to 500 families within the next two years.

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