Zanu PF, Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) and MDC — have all expressed confidence that they will do well in the special polls
Editorial Comment

It is up to voters now

WITH just three days away from the much-awaited parliamentary and council by-elections, it is time for the electorate to rise above partisan politics and vote for substance and big ideas meant to shape their constituencies, wards and to a larger extent the nation.

The by-elections, a mini-general poll and certainly a dry-run to the fast-approaching 2023 harmonised polls, are meant to replace MPs and councillors who were either recalled by the MDC or died since the country’s general elections of July 2018.

They have been on ice after the government introduced Covid-19 lockdown measures to contain and mitigate the spread of the virulent disease, which among other things, banned holding of the by-elections, rallies, gatherings and restricted travelling.

The country’s main political parties — Zanu PF, the MDC and the Coalition Citizens for Change — have been vigorously campaigning in areas where the polls will take place on Saturday.

The outcome of the by-elections is in the hands of the voters. The voters have to decide which political party is preaching messages good enough to propel their constituency or ward to prosperity.

It is now incumbent upon the electorate to vote for candidates they believe will develop their areas.

The choice is in the hands of voters.  It is possible for the voters to take their constituencies and wards to the dark past as much as it is possible to catapult them to the promised land ahead.

That single vote you will cast is your voice, mightier than the sword. 

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission, the electoral body organising the polls, must realise the national mandate they are carrying out and not let down the electorate. 

Political leaders have played a pivotal role in preaching peace and castigating violence. 

All the electorate needs now is an even playing field and non-manipulation of processes so that results are credible and acceptable.

We now appeal to the people’s political intuition. They must not leave everything to their leaders. People need to think strong and hard. It’s in your hands to make the worst of a bad situation — occasioned by both the system and the opposition — even at this late, late hour.

This is what each and every voter is enjoined to do with the secrecy of the ballot. It is a simple choice. Do voters want more of the same or change?

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