Harare to increase water tariffs every 3 months


HARARE Water, which has accumulated $80 million in debts, will adjust tariffs every three months to recover treatment costs, mayor Herbert Gomba has said.

This comes three months after the local authority hiked water tariffs by at least 900 percent from $0,80 cents to $7 per cubic metre.

“The city water account is making losses and has accumulated $80 million in debt because that water charge is far less than the purification and distribution costs considering that Zesa increased its fees, and that water chemicals are imported.

The council needs $45 million each month to buy water chemicals and other things to produce water for a month and all residents are able to pay is $25 million, thus the waste management account is in loss charging $6,50 yet fuel is $17 per litre,” the Harare Mayor on Monday.

Town clerk Hosiah Chisango added that the local authority was struggling to cope with high water chemical costs, foreign currency shortages and intermittent electricity hikes.

“Our normal bill as City of Harare was previously pegged at about $2,5 million for power only, but the new tariffs implemented by Zesa means we are now supposed to pay over $9 million a month just for electricity,” Chisango said.


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