Give Mnangagwa fresh mandate, says church

JOHANE the 5th of Africa International Church has praised the government for coming up with policies that create conditions for peace and stability in Zimbabwe.

Speaking at the end of a one-day leadership seminar held to assess the prospects of the church and its public role in 2023 and beyond, the church’s leader Archbishop Andby Makururu underscored the importance of helping the government maintain lasting peace and stability in the country.

“We believe that the church must invest in the continuity of the current set of policies which, if fully implemented, will create the stability that we all require to achieve our development ambitions,” said Makururu.

He added that the government should be encouraged to continue its policy of international re-engagement.

“We are happy that the government is actively pursuing a policy at international relations level that seeks to maintain good relations with every country in the world and desists from creating unnecessary animosity with other states.

“As such, we promote peace in politics, economics and the social sphere. This can only be achieved if all citizens prioritize national interest and cut all links with negative forces that threaten peace, stability and the development of our country,” said the Archbishop.

The respected cleric said the electorate and indigenous churches in particular have a moral responsibility to give the ruling party a fresh mandate when the country holds harmonised elections next year.

“The government has done exceedingly well against all odds and deserves all our support. A lot has been done in all areas of public infrastructure development and the delivery of services. Vision 2030 and NDS1 provide the basis for continuity and the march towards the realisation of irreversible development.

“President Emmerson Mnangagwa has exceeded all expectations of the developmental status of our country in terms of delivery of his promises and deserves to be re-elected to the highest office on the land.

“Zimbabwe is certainly moving forward, we are taking the lead to pray for the success of our country and for President D Mnangagwa to return to office and complete his mission and plans for the nation.

“The 5th of Africa International Church invites all Indigenous churches to pray and support the efforts of the President and government to create space for the building of their country and the most effective way to achieve this, is to come out in our big numbers to vote for the re-election of President Mnangagwa,” he said.

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