Free oral health services in Bulawayo


Free oral health services in Bulawayo

Hazel Marimbiza

THE ministry of Health has embarked on an oral health campaign in Bulawayo aimed at educating residents on oral diseases while also inspecting their teeth and gums free of charge.

Speaking to Daily News yesterday in an interview, a representative from the ministry of Health Nigel Machinya said they had set aside days during which people will be able to come and meet with them so that they can demonstrate on how they should take care of their teeth.

“Today (18 March) we will be going around areas such as Fusini in Makokoba, Terminus in Cowdray Park, Sokusile in Nkulumane and Nketa six shopping centre raising awareness that we will soon be coming in their areas to inspect their oral health for free.  So we encourage everyone with tooth problems to come and be inspected for free,” said Machinya.

Oral health refers to the well-being of the teeth, gums, and the entire oral-facial system that allows people to smile, speak and chew.

Some of the most common diseases that impact oral health include tooth decay, gum disease and oral cancer.

Meanwhile, Machinya encouraged residents to at least brush their teeth twice a day in the morning, soon after eating breakfast and also in the evening before sleeping.

“We also want to encourage people to visit their dentists twice in a year because most people usually go to the dentist when they feel pain but it’s important to have regular checkups because there are some diseases that one would never see, especially in the teeth. These kinds of diseases do not make one feel pain but they make the mouth smell,” said Machinya.

Dental nurse Rosemary Mntungwa from the ministry of Health said while people really try to brush their teeth in most cases there is dirt which is left in the mouth.

“This is caused by the fact that most people have no knowledge on how to brush their teeth.”

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