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Former broadcaster loses cash to fraudsters

FORMER broadcaster now businessman Musorowegomo Mukosi allegedly lost US$1 600 to fraudsters who had promised to register three blocks of mines in Odzi district, Manicaland in his name.

The former broadcaster who has vast interests in mining and farming was allegedly duped by rogue mining peggers Jonathan Chirawo and Tinashe Namani and the matter spilled to the courts this week.

The alleged fraudsters appeared before Harare magistrate Dennis Mangosi. Namani was remanded in custody to September 3 on $10 000 bail.

Allegations were that sometime in January 2021, Mukosi wanted to register three blocks of a mine in Odzi district. In mid-May he was introduced to one of the accused, Jonathan Chirawo at his office in Harare.

Chirawo demanded US$300 per block and was paid US$100 deposit. The balance of US$800 was to be paid after issuance of a certificate of registration by the Mines ministry.

On May 28, Chirawo allegedly made a somersault and increased the figure to US$1 500, arguing that it was for purposes of registration of the three blocks with the Mines ministry.

The US$1 500 ‘loot’ was collected from Mukosi at a city hotel where he had a business meeting with some foreign investors .
The alleged fraudster received the money from the businessman’s driver Tichaona Kasena, who accompanied him to Mines ministry offices in Mutare.

When they got to Mines office, the alleged fraudster Namani instructed the driver to remain outside and when he returned, he claimed that he had paid the money, but did not produce any receipt.

Chirawo called Mukosi and informed him that all payments had been made, adding that he would give him a certificate of registration from the ministry.

The certificate never materialised and Mukosi became suspicious. When he demanded proof of payment, he was given a copy of a receipt numbered 045, which was not a Mines ministry receipt.

He then went to the Mines ministry in Harare where he was told pegging charges were only US$100 per block.

Further investigations by the Mines ministry established that the ministry did not receive payment.

Mukosi was prejudiced of US$1 600 and nothing was recovered.

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