Zimbabwe businessman Batsirai Matiza

DRC courts clear Matiza’s Argus Company for operations

DEMOCRATIC Republic of the Congo (DRC) courts have cleared young Zimbabwe businessman Batsirai Matiza’s Argus Company to start operations

This comes after Argus attracted the interest of international investors after spearheading successful acquisitions of Cobalt mining companies based in the DRC.
Argus had disputes with some interested groups but courts have resolved that Matiza’s Argus is the rightful owner and operator on the 40 claims located in an area north of Kinshasa.
Argus representatives have confirmed 50 percent of the $24 million investment is already on the ground in the form of equipment, real estate and personnel. 
“Due to the dispute Matiza has increased personal security after threats coming from DRC based big wigs and previous miners on the claims,” close sources said. “He also advocated for more compliance in the industry which put Argus at odds with local businessmen. 
Efforts to reach Matiza via phone and email were fruitless.
Matiza, using off-shore based Argus Group as the special purpose vehicle, has entered into deals which will see him partnering with international companies across the globe.
Argus has taken a unique approach by accepting cryptocurrency investment in conjunction with fiat currency, shielding its investors from the spotlight.
Sulemain Habib, based in dubai last year said the team has been pleased with Argus’s direction to date and looks forward to being welcomed to Zimbabwe in January 2022. 
“We are happy to be working with him. He is young but very aggressive. That is what we need, especially in these unpredictable markets. Unfortunately I am not in a position to disclose the finer details as these are private investments and Mr. Matiza is now politically exposed.”
Batsirai who is the son of former Transport minister Biggie Matiza, has a strong finance background and network. He also recently became a member of the Central Committee, Zanu-PF’s Principal organ of the Party. 
Matiza worked for Goldman Sachs in New York, the largest investment bank in the world, covering tech, media, and telecommunications companies in their prestigious Investment Banking Division.

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