Bhadella Wholesalers winds-up after 90 years


BHADELLA Wholesalers will close shop for good on Friday after operating in the country for almost 90 years.

The company’s lawyer, Everson Samukange of Samukange Hungwe Attorneys, confirmed the closure of the 88-year-old wholesaler, which he attributed to the country’s economic woes.

“Bhadella will close shop at the end of this month with all expected and required formalities in respect of suppliers and employees having been observed and followed.

The company was operating with 60 permanent employees and termination of the employment relationship with the employees has been done according to the law. Suppliers, as creditors of the company, were settled in terms of the law in respect of what may have been due to them,” Samukange told the Daily News.

He added that the company had been battling viability challenges for several years due to, among other things, the upsurge of the informal sector which is increasingly usurping the roles played by wholesalers.

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