Baba Harare releases controversial song

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CONTEMPORARY jiti musician Baba Harare’s new single titled Samatenga touches on the sensitive issue of men who unknowingly look after children who are not theirs.

The song, which dropped on Tuesday, addresses issues of infidelity in which married women hide the true paternity of their children, hence letting other men look after children which are not theirs.

The song’s video stars sungura musician Peter Moyo, who is caught having an affair with a married woman.
This is Baba Harare’s second video this year after releasing one for the song Waitamba neMvana off last year’s album Generator.

“This is a song based on things that we see daily in our societies. These are real issues which have caused problems in several families and I believe they need to be talked about. I’m yet to decide on when I will release a full album but for now I will be releasing more singles and their videos, ” he said.

Before the release of the video, pictures from the scenes of the shoot had already started circulating, with the rumour mill running wild that Moyo had been caught pants down being intimate with a married woman.

“The idea is to be creative and experiment with art, having something that captures the attention of people. There are lessons to be learnt and this is the aim of my music, which is to educate and to entertain,” added Baba Harare.

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