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3Ktv’s Vantage digs into societal issues

Usendo | Thursday, 24 November’ 2022 @19:00 Hours |PGA S1

AFTER refusing to carry out their father’s conventional burial customs, a young couple experiences infertility, betrayal, and controversy. Will they reject Christianity in favour of tradition? A new drama is in the works; stay tuned on social media for updates.

People n Earth | Thursday, 24 November, 2022 @18:30 Hours

|AA S3 A SHOW that investigates the relationship between climate and the environment and people’s actions. Don’t miss out on engaging and interesting talks on 3Ktv every Thursday. Keep an eye on our social media platforms for new announcements.

Vantage | Thursday, 24 November, 2022 @20:30 Hours |AA S3

THE show digs into many societal issues, including corruption, poor healthcare, education, politics, the arts, and culture. It also follows up on recent press coverage of hot subjects. #DStv293. #ZimbabwesBest

Married To Medicine: Atlanta| 1 Magic 103 | Thursday, 24 November’ 2022 @19:00 Hours | 16L ‘S9/E11 – Rumor Mill’.

QUAD’S rumour-filled holiday party ends when instead of decking the halls, Audra tries to deck Toya in the face. Anila’s mom continues to cause her stress.

Wakapass| ROK 168 | Thursday, 24 November’ 2022 @19:00 | PG13 ‘S1/E12

THE Play, The Part, The Diva & The Musical’. Andrew and Chika plan to sabotage Lola’s musical ambition. Lost In Love| Starlife 167 | Thursday, 24 November’ 2022 @19:30 Hours | Family ‘S1/E444’. SAI gets caught by the police on her way to the hospital with the lifesaving injections for Virat. Later, the Chavan family blames her for everything.

Un…Fortunate Love| Zeeworld 166 | Thursday, 24 November’ 2022 @19:00 Hours | PG ‘S1/E23’. LAKSHMI’S life takes an unexpected turn when her family gets the shock of their life when they lose two most important family members.

My Perfect Family| Telemundo 118 | Thursday, 24 November’ 2022 @19:00 Hours | 13 ‘S1/E4 – 1/4’. ASHLEY has flashbacks after taking drugs in a park. Patas finds her and calls an ambulance. Meanwhile, Santiago gives Marisol some good news.

Unforgettable| Universal 117 | Thursday, 24 November’ 2022 @19:10 Hours | PG ‘S2/E6 of 13 – Line Up Or Shut Up’.

A YOUNG man is found dead inside an expensive sports car he was delivering to a diplomat.

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