Zororo buried at family farm


©️ BROADCASTER Zororo Makamba — who became the first publicly known person in the country this week to succumb to coronavirus — was buried at the family’s farm yesterday, just outside Harare, the Daily News reports.

The talented television personality — who was the youngest son of telecommunications tycoon and former broadcaster James Makamba — died at Wilkins Hospital on Monday, after being diagnosed with the lethal virus.

He was one of only two local people so far who had been confirmed to have tested positive for the virus, which first broke in China at the end of last year, but has since killed more than 17 000 people and infected thousands more worldwide.

Zororo’s body was transported from Wilkins Hospital straight to the burial site — the family’s Blue Ridge Farm in Goromonzi North, along the Harare-Nyamapanda highway — in line with World Health Organisation’s (WHO) guidelines on such interments.

“Yes we laid my younger brother to rest today, but right now we are at a point where we would like to be given some space as a family to mourn him.

“As you may be aware, we have suffered a great loss as a family, and as such, would like time away from the limelight to properly grieve,” his brother and family spokesperson Tawanda said.

Zororo apparently contracted the disease while he was in New York, and upon his return to Zimbabwe, he began to exhibit flue-like symptoms.

He then contacted his doctor who advised him to go for testing at Wilkins Hospital, where he subsequently tested positive for the virus and was later admitted for treatment.
He died around mid-day on Monday.

His death and the family’s subsequent exclusive interview with the Daily News touched the hearts of many Zimbabweans and foreigners alike, generating wide debate about the government’s readiness to deal with the deadly coronavirus.

In an emotional interview with the Daily News on Monday, following the death of Zororo, Tawanda highlighted Wilkins’ lack of capacity to handle coronavirus patients.

“At the end, before he died, Zororo kept telling us that he was alone and scared and that the staff were refusing to help him, to a point where he got up and tried to walk out and they were trying to restrain him.

“I want people to know that the government is lying. Remember at some point I spoke to the president and he was saying that the report he had received about Wilkins from the health minister was that there is equipment and medicine.

“However, right now they don’t even have water at Wilkins. The doctor we were in contact with here at Wilkins would switch off his phone, yet he was the critical contact person.

“This is such a heart-breaking experience for us and it goes to show the lack of seriousness our government has in dealing with the coronavirus,” Tawanda told the Daily News.


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