Zim film wins LA award


A ZIMBABWEAN film that raises awareness against poaching and human trafficking has been recognised in the United States (US).

Titled Gonarezhou The Movie, the film was on Sunday crowned the Best First Feature Narrative at the Pan African Film Festival (Paff) in Los Angeles together with Nigerian film Coming From Insanity.

Written and directed by Sydney Taivavashe, the movie raises awareness against poaching and human trafficking and was first showcased at a film festival in the US.

It was in the running for top spot with films from other African countries such as Kenya, South Africa, Uganda and Ghana and others from the US and Dominican Republic.

The producer and lead actor Eddie Sandifolo and Tendai Chitima were in the US to receive the award.
Taivavashe was happy to have his first feature film getting international recognition.

He said the nomination alone was a win and to actually win the award was a cherry on top.

“For me it’s really exciting time to see our production which we made with limited resources and just believing we are creating something that’s good and for that production to actually come out in LA, the home of film making and for that film to be nominated was a win.

“That nomination initially was a win and to actually win the award shows that whatever we put our effort on, the time and effort and the belief, even though some doubted us, shows that we were working on something worthy of international recognition,” he said.

The movie centres on a young man named Zulu who joined a notorious armed poaching group after a series of misfortunes in his life.

His anger towards life throws him into the arms of poachers who become his family. Together they become a notorious and successful gang of poachers under the charge of a vicious tycoon.

Zulu finds love in the form of Thulo at the same time the government sends an anti-poaching unit to curb the scourge by shooting the poachers.

His plan is to escape with his newly-found love after one last job and he must navigate out of this highly charged environment to meet with his fate, good or bad.

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