Zacc ropes citizens in anti-graft fight


THE Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Committee (Zacc) has called on members of the public to join the commission it the fight against corruption which has become a national crisis.

Speaking on the sidelines of a validation workshop held in Bulawayo on Monday, Zacc commissioner Dennis Santu said citizens have a crucial role to play in the fight against graft and must join forces with the institution to weed out the cancer.

“We should desist from playing the blame game. Two weeks ago, Zanu PF youths came to report that Mr so and so is corrupt.

“We said give us the reports but there were no reports that were bought to us.
“Reports give us indicators because we do not day dream. There is need for evidence. A report leads to investigations and investigations need evidence to commence …

“We have to work together as a nation. The corruption fight is no longer the responsibility of Zacc alone,” Santu said.

He revealed that the Bulawayo validation workshop on the draft national anti-corruption strategy gave thumbs up to the draft.

The national anti-corruption strategy is expected to be launched by President Emmerson Mnangagwa at the end of next month.

Last year, Zacc conducted nationwide consultations on the national anti-corruption draft strategy.
The views gathered from the public were included in the draft anti-corruption strategy.

Zacc spokesperson John Makamure said the commission will come up with the final document when it concludes validation workshops which will be held across the country.

He emphasised the need for consensus in crafting the final anti-corruption strategy which will guide the anti-graft body in its fight against corruption.

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