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Zacc, police probe coronavirus deals

©️  THE Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (Zacc) and police yesterday opened a probe into the multi-million dollar procurement deals for Covid-19 personal protective equipment (PPEs) which have overshadowed the country’s fight against the pandemic, the Daily News reports.
This comes amid swirling rumours that authorities had last night arrested Finance permanent secretary George Guvamatanga, NatPharm chief executive Flora Sifeku  and an unnamed official at the Procurement Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (PRAZ) – over the same matter.
Police spokesperson Paul Nyathi said they had only “interviewed”  the three officials, contrary to social media reports that they had been arrested.
“Police have not arrested the three officials as being alleged on social media.
“What I know is that they have just been interviewed. Certainly no arrests were made, “ Nyathi told the Daily News.
On his part, Zacc spokesperson John Makamure, said they had recorded witness statements as “was the norm with any investigation”.
“I can confirm that we have opened a probe into the procurement of Covid-19 materials and the investigations involve interviewing all people and departments who are part of that process.
“Naturally our investigations would involve the PRAZ, ministry of Finance and NatPharm.
“People tend to mistakenly think that someone would have been arrested when they give witness statements.
“That is not the case,” Makamure also told the Daily News.
This month, the government pulled the plug on the controversial US$60 million NatPharm Covid-19 deal following uproar over pricing which authorities said had been inflated.
Apart from the NatPharm deal, there have also been other procurement deals which the government now suspects might be reeking of corruption.

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