‘You’re clueless’ . . . Zifa castigated for ignoring clubs 

Godknows Matarutse

ZIFA has been roundly criticised for its decision to continue paying Warriors coach Zdravko Logarusic a hefty salary while neglecting Premier Soccer League (PSL) clubs and their affiliates during the coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis.

Zifa handed the Croatian coach a two-year contract at the start of this year which is worth US$7 000 per month and his mandate was to ensure the team qualifies for the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations (Afcon) finals.
However, the Confederation of African Football (Caf) postponed the tournament until January 2022.
Since his appointment in January, Logarusic has only presided over a 10-day training camp with the local players before the postponement of the 2020 African Nations Championship (Chan) finals.
With Caf and Fifa postponing most of their international matches until next year, the Croatian is going to draw his salary for this whole year while sitting at home.
At the same time, Zifa is failing to provide a financial bailout to PSL clubs, women’s football and referees despite receiving close to a US$1 million in relief funds from both Fifa and Caf.
Last week, Fifa approved a further US$1,5 million while Caf pledged US$300 000 to assist each member association.
Zifa president Felton Kamambo had promised that by June 20 the association would have paid out bailout packages to teams and their affiliates.
Earlier this year, Bulawayo giants Highlanders and their English coach Mark Harrison mutually agreed to temporarily terminate the latter’s contract until such a time when the club would be able to pay him.
“It’s crazy, really. People leading our game are not that smart about football but only think of money,” former Warriors and CAPS United forward Alois Bunjira told the Daily News.
“We are in a serious crisis and they should have reached an understanding with Logarusic to terminate his contract then look for ways to restart after the pandemic.
“It’s in situations like these that you need people who use their brains. The money from Fifa and Caf will be misused and we will come out of this Covid-19 period with nothing.
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“Yet this is the time to put everything in order and put structures in place while there is less activity.
“You would think by the time we come out of the Covid-19 period Zimbabwe football would be reborn with proper professional systems in place and all mistakes rectified for the development of football.
“But they are busy taking each other to court and busy planning on how to hide the Fifa money. We are in a serious leadership crisis.”
Bunjira, who has announced his candidacy for the Zifa presidency in 2022, said clubs are in desperate need of financial aid.
“This is the time to help clubs and whip them into line as far as structures are concerned. This is the time to be going to every club and setting up proper structures while helping them out with that Fifa relief grant,” he said.
“But they are busy fighting amongst themselves and suing each other, bragging that they have money to pay Logarusic while their own clubs are suffering and not offering any help.
“We have a leadership crisis and that is what we get when we have leaders that do not love football but money.
“But we pray to God that one day we will get there with leaders who are passionate about football. Not this current lot.”

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