Young filmmaker basks in glory

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TALENTED young filmmaker Ntombikamama Moyo, pictured, feels her newly-acquired passion to educate and entertain audiences through film has so far been a success.

A graduate from the National University of Science and Technology (NUST), Moyo revealed that she enjoys filmmaking despite never anticipating herself doing that in her entire life.

“I mainly used to write novels and short stories, so film is not something that I ever saw myself doing until I met one Kudzai Chikomo from Multimedia Box who then challenged me to try, since I was born to tell stories.

“I researched as much I could about scriptwriting and when I went for it, I found that it is fun and comes naturally to me,” 27- year-old Moyo told Daily News.

As a result, she later managed write a script for a full-length feature film, which led to the production of the film titled $400 directed by Johane Mpofu.

The film premiered in September last year on Zambezi Magic. It was to be nominated for Nama this year. She, however, didn’t stop there.

“I wrote another one for Zambezi Magic titled Gold Diggers. It was also directed by Mpofu and produced by Creative Pot Africa. It was screened on March 8 on Women’s Day.

“I was particularly proud of Gold Diggers because I was also the first assistant director and was hands on with the whole project. So it brings the total to two films so far.”

Moyo exhibited her versatility where she co-authored a novel with her former classmates at Nust, Anita Malumisa, Peacemore Manhanga and Pure Chinyakuza. The book titled Another Wedding was successfully adapted for film and screened on Zambezi Magic last year.

“It was quite an achievement for us as writers because it was our first published work. The book and the film were both titled Another Wedding. I also wrote a novel titled In 30 Days that I posted on my blog and it became an instant hit with my readers. It will be formally published at the end of the year.”
But above all, Moyo’s ultimate goal is to create Zimbabwean films that can compete on the international market.

“As a result I am dedicating my time to learning as much as I can from my mentors in the film industry. When my parents ask me why I concentrate hard and take down notes when watching TV, I tell them that it’s part of the job.”


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