Woman faces 10 years over copper cables


© A 56-year-old Harare woman faces up to 10 years’ imprisonment after being found in possession of post and telecommunication cables at her residence.
Mavis Chawabvunza was charged with contravening provisions of the Postal and Telecommunications Act and the Electricity Act which prohibit possession of any material used in connection with the transmission, distribution and supply of power.
The sections Chawabvunza is being charged under attract a 10-year mandatory sentence on conviction.
Chawabvunza denied the charges when she appeared before Harare magistrate Learmore Mapiye and was remanded to January 23 for trial on free bail.
Prosecutor Sabastian Mutizirwa alleged that on January 6, around 3pm detectives from Minerals Flora and Fauna Unit were on patrol in Harare. They got information that Chawabvunza was in possession of telecommunication cables and proceeded to Hatfield where she lives.
It is alleged that they requested to search the premises and recovered one kilogramme of TelOne drop wires and two kilogrammes of open wires in the yard.
Chawabvunza was asked to produce a licence authorising her possession of the cables, but failed to do so leading to her arrest.
TelOne’s loss control officer managed to recover the exhibit and positively identified the cables as their company property.

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