We must avoid Covid-19 implosion


THE rate at which coronavirus (Covid-19) is now spreading in the country is scary and urgent measures have to be adopted and implemented to mitigate the scourge.

What is worrying is the increase in local transmissions, the bulk of cases untraceable.

On Sunday alone, 133 cases tested positive for Covid-19, these included returnees from South Africa (17) and 116 local cases who were isolated. Twenty two of the local cases were contacts of known confirmed cases. The ministry of Health and Child Care is carrying out investigations to establish the source of infection for the other 94 cases.

As of Sunday, the country had 1 611 cases of coronavirus, including 25 deaths and 472 recoveries.
The figures are startling given that the country had just had 101 375 tests out of an estimated population of 15 million people. The tests are not adequate enough to determine the extent and expanse of the spread of the pandemic in the country.

We need more testing, especially at community level given the increase in local transmissions.
The more tests we carry out, the more appropriate measures the country will adopt to fight the pandemic.

The need for private, public sector partnership is now. The government and the private sector must work hand in glove in marshalling resources to stop and mitigate the spread of the deadly pandemic.

In recent days, we have seen the virus ravaging the corporate world. Several companies had to temporarily close branches and offices after some of their employees tested positive to the killer disease, which has wreaked economies throughout the world, killed thousands and infected millions.

Our situation is compounded by the failure by the citizens to strictly adhere to lockdown measures. The majority of citizens across the country no longer maintain social distancing, while the wearing of masks has become a luxury.

There are plenty of unnecessary movements in cities, towns and growth points.
There is too much relaxation at police checkpoints across the country and the officers manning the roadblocks seldom wear masks.

What complicates our case is that nurses and other healthcare workers are on strike pressing for better remuneration and conditions of service. The strike has to be brought to an end sooner than later.

The government should urgently impose strict lockdown measures to contain coronavirus, which is on the verge of implosion. We need to contain the virus before it is out of control.

Given our perilous health state, it’s better to marshal all resources now to fight the scourge before it spreads. Life is precious!

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