Vic Falls musicians rekindle domestic tourism


Blessing Masakadza



A group of singers from the resort town of Victoria Falls will on Saturday converge for an online musical session aimed at reminding people of the city’s touristic attractions.

The brain child of Paul Shambare of Express Entertainment, the concert will bring together Muffia King, Jah Mercy, Terra Firm and Kidlee among others as they seek to market the resort town.

While concerns had been raised that online concerts were only covering Harare singers, this is also an example of out of capital city online events.

“This is an event to remind people of Victoria Falls. This is a prime resort town with one of the world’s seven wonders.

“Currently we are in a lockdown and there is no activity and we are coming in to remind people not to forget this destination.

“This is also a way to continue encouraging people to stay home as we fight coronavirus,” he said.

Elder Shambare, as he is known in entertainment circles, said promoting domestic tourism is one of their 2020 plans.

“We are breaking the norm and showing people that we can also do it from here. Several concerts have been done in Harare and we are showing people that there is also Internet here in Victoria Falls.

“We have engaged musicians from this town to drive the point home.”

Express Promotions has in the past contributed to the town’s night life with several events, hosting several musicians among them Suluman Chimbetu, Killer T, Hwindi Prezident and the Chillspot family.

“We have had several big names and we will continue bringing them but this goal is for local chanters.”

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