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Unicef, GOAL partner in Covid-19 project

Anesu Mirisawu

UNICEF in collaboration with GOAL Zimbabwe has embarked on an outdoor media campaign using art murals to promote positive health behaviours in Manicaland, Mashonaland East and Masvingo provinces.
The project will benefit through the World Bank-funded Zimbabwe Idai Recovery Programme (ZIRP), The campaign targets nearly 2,5 million people, including 400 000 children and almost 200 000 pregnant and lactating women
in the three predominantly rural provinces to create dialogue and raise awareness amongst mothers, caregivers, fathers and communities on promoting health messages and Covid-19 prevention.

The campaign has already reached the Chipinge area where artists have started painting a wall at Chako Shopping Centre. “Some people here in Chipinge do not know much about the Internet or have access to newspapers or radio, so these murals will be handy in spreading the message,” an upcoming artist, Petronella Charlie, said.

Charlie emphasised that painting is a good communication tool which is unselective as it caters for both illiterate and literate individuals. “Both literate and illiterate people will get the message at the same time with the same
impact. The campaign is more effective because this mural will be there for a year or more, helping people to remember what we are trying to help them with considering the future of children and their health.”

Chipinge is one of the areas worst affected by Cyclone Idai, which struck in 2019 midMarch.

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