Troubled by the operating environment… ….Friday the 13th has something positive for you


THE question on everyone’s mind is probably how to position themselves in this economic quagmire. If you are one of those troubled by it, probably the 13 th of this month may turn out to be a day you should have a solution for it.
And here is the reason why!

You favourite daily, the Daily News – in association with Africa Economic Development Strategies (AEDS) – shall release the first quarter State of the Economy Report on March 13, 2020 at the Rainbow Towers Hotel, in Harare, at a Business Breakfast Forum to be attended by about 150 guests.

In as much as the Zimbabwean economy is in bad shape – afflicted by hyperinflation and shortages of electricity, fuel and foreign currency – thereare a lot of superstitions around Friday the 13 th , most of them very unpleasant.

While the AEDS team, led by Dr Gift Mugano, shall present the true picture of the Zimbabwean economy on the 13th of March, warts and all, there is something to look forward to for those who will attend this crucial event.

Lewis Chkurunhe, the commercial director for the Associated Newspapers of Zimbabwe (ANZ) – publishers of the Daily News and the Daily News on Sunday– said Dr Mugano’s report will have a “bucketful of takeaways for policymakers and decision-makers cutting across private and publics sector that could help
them transform their situations.

“This is going to be more than just an economic report presentation. It is about giving practical solutions to those in the public sector so that they can attend to the environmental issues hobbling our economy. It is also about giving
practical advice to those in the private sector to enable them navigate this harsh operating terrain,” said Chikurunhe.

“Of course, it is now a known fact that AEDS have never disappointed when it comes to unpacking our economic challenges in a manner no-one has ever done. They will present an economic dashboard that will paint the real picture of where we are as an economy and where we should go, assuming their
prescriptions are followed through.

“This is why we, at the Daily News are proud to be a partner in this project because we strongly feel that our economy deserves information people can trust and rely on in making decisions and formulating policies,” added

AEDS is a home-grown Zimbabwean economic think-tank with international influence. It has partnered the Daily News on this project since April 2019.

The Business Breakfast Forum comes at a time when the country’s economy has hit turbulence. It also comes a fortnight after Dr Mangudya presented his Monetary Policy Statement (MPS) which did very little, if anything at all, to inspire confidence.

At the same time, the operating environment has been getting far worse, with inflation and the non-official exchange rate zooming sky-high, amid shortages of foreign currency, fuel and electricity.

Most companies are therefore in survival mode, with retrenchments condemning many into the streets.

It is against this background that AEDS, alongside the iconic Daily News shall be unveiling the much-awaited State of the Economy Report to give an independent picture of the economy as well as highlights of what you should
expect on the regional and global front.

The State of the Economy Report is like no other. It’s an economic dashboard meant to guide its users navigate this economic maze, either as individuals or companies.

It’s an event never to be missed, where the Dr Mangudya, and other eminent economic thinkers will be there to engage guests on issues that are pertinent
to them.

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