Top cops ‘frustrate’ land scam probe  

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SENIOR police officers, among them deputy commissioner-general Stephen Mutamba, have been accused of frustrating investigations into alleged fraudulent land deals by Delatfin (Pvt) Ltd owner Felix Munyaradzi.
This emerged at the Harare Magistrates’ Courts yesterday when alleged land baron Munyaradzi appeared for initial remand before regional magistrate Ngoni Nduna facing four counts of fraud.
Munyaradzi was remanded in custody to tomorrow for finalisation of his bail application after prosecutor Michael Reza argued that the accused, who faces up to 35 years imprisonment for each count if convicted, was a flight risk.


Munyaradzi’s case allegedly revealed how senior police officers, Mutamba, director criminal investigation department Chrispen Charumbira and his deputy, assistant commissioner Obeylaw Moyo, delayed investigations into reports filed by one of the complainants, Delish Nguwaya, because of the accused’s relationship with one of the officers.
Nguwaya claimed that after reporting the case, it was moved from Mutamba, Charumbira and then to Moyo until he realised that Munyaradzi was related to one of the officers.
He said there was a breakthrough in his case only after he engaged Central Intelligence Organisation director-general Isaac Moyo.
“Mutamba later confessed that Munyaradzi was his relative. I followed up with the investigating officer who told me that the case was put on hold on the directive of Moyo after communication with Mutamba,” read the statement made by Nguwaya.


Nguwaya said there are two other cases of fraud and another of contempt of court which Mutamba and his team were allegedly sitting on. The cases are now being handled by the Police Internal Investigations department.
Reza said that sometime in 2015, Delatfin entered into a swap deal with Nguwaya for residential stands in exchange for a Toyota Prado.
The court heard Delatfin sold three stands in Sandton Park, Mt Hampden worth US$50 000 and Nguwaya surrendered his car in return before signing an agreement of sale on February 27, 2018 with Munyaradzi.
However, Munyaradzi then sold the residential stands to third parties.When Nguwaya discovered the breach of agreement; he agreed to be compensated with eight smaller stands in the same area.
It is alleged that Munyaradzi then sold one of the eight stands without Nguwaya’s knowledge.
The second complainant was Maria Gabaza who bought a stand from Munyaradzi in April this year. According to the State, on April 20 Delatfin was offered 120 hectares of land by the Local Government ministry for residential development.
Nguwaya has since filed complaints against Mutamba, Charumbira and Moyo accusing them of shielding Munyaradzi and delaying investigations into the matter since October last year.

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