Top cop claims victimisation

SUSPENDED police commissioner Douglas Nyakutsikwa believes the State is creating malicious criminal abuse of office and fraud charges against him which are designed to keep him away from his workplace. 

Nyakutsikwa, is charged with abuse of office together with suspended Harare City Council housing director Addmore Nhekairo on allegations of corruptly receiving a residential stand, has since been removed from remand pending a High Court determination. 

The top cop, who was in charge of the police intelligence unit, is also accused of lying that he is single to council during a vetting process resulting in him being allocated the residential stand in Vainona and the State has sought to prosecute him on a fraud charge. 

Appearing before regional magistrate Vongai Muchuchuti-Guuriro, Nyakutsikwa through his lawyers Tapson Dzvetero and Saviours Kufandada, argues that the State is trying to bring, through the back door, a case which has already been stayed pending High Court determination.