These conmen never loved you

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IT HAS been tragic to watch over the past few days how some well known con artists, who fooled many in the MDC leadership, are now turning on the country’s main opposition party with a sickening relish.

We at the Daily News hate to say that we told the MDC so. Unfortunately, our well-meant and repeated warnings to the party over the past year fell on deaf ears — and the disastrous results of this folly are now all too obvious even to those who wouldn’t see.

Let’s break the issue down properly for those in the MDC leadership who are slow to grasp these things: These hyenas that you embraced so naively and enthusiastically, and whose lies and self-serving ‘strategies’ that you imbibed — hook, line and sinker — never loved you!

It is this simple and stark.

The well-known cast of hoaxers who fooled the MDC have included compromised former State media editors, crackpot (and narcissistic) would-be journalists, and a few lamebrained academics.

The results of the MDC’s imprudence, and the party’s frustrating tendency to always land in the clutches of malevolent influences, is that this once formidable movement founded by the late Morgan Tsvangirai and others is today a pale shadow of itself — now completely at the mercy of the ruling Zanu PF despite the fanciful claims to the contrary.

This once again brings us to a critical point that we have made before; about the role of independent media like the Daily News in the body politic and life of our country.

The stone-age mentality among some within the opposition, that we shouldn’t point out their failings is a glaring lack of understanding of the role of journalism in a democracy — as well as a misplaced sense of entitlement to positive press by independent media.

In these opposition politicians’ twisted minds, if we criticise Zanu PF, then we are excellent and objective. If we report on their weaknesses — as we are bound to do as credible and diligent members of the Fourth Estate — then we are doing the bidding of the ruling party.

It boggles the mind.

For the avoidance of doubt, for those who will still not see, we at the Daily News firmly believe that our duty is to our country only — not to political parties and their egomaniac leaders: which is why we always “tell it like it is” — without any fear or favour.

To that extent, under-performing MDC leaders and their hired guns should stand guided that we will never be intimidated by them and their hopeless attack dogs, or yield to their dubious agendas. Not today, not ever.

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