The Fire Prevention and Inspection Bureau (FPIB)

The Fire Prevention and Inspection Bureau (FPIB)is an affiliate body to the Insurance Council of Zimbabwe (ICZ) that provides inspections on fire risk management on all government, industrial, commercial, and residential buildings, particularly on automatic sprinkler systems.

Physical inspections and surveys are carried out on firefighting systems for buildings to ensure appropriate maintenance as well as provide recommendations on improvements of such systems.

The inspection reports are provided for insurance purposes and are instrumental in risk profiling and pricing. The inspection reports generated assist in the fire risk profiling of the concerned buildings which insurers use in coming up with commensurate fire risk rates for buildings concerned.

FPIB provides the following key services:

Regular Inspection of Automatic Sprinkler systems.

Approval of newly sprinkler installation drawings/ designs.

Commissioning and certification of newly installed firefighting systems.

The FPIB also offers consultancy services for fire risk management to business and individual clients upon request as proactive risk management tool against fire accidents.

The consultancy services include advice on appropriate firefighting systems, their recommended use and maintenance. Such systems include:

Gaseous fire suppression systems

Foam fire suppression systems

Special hazard fire protection systems

Dry chemical fire suppression systems

Hand fire appliance systems

The Bureau also maintains a register of certified professionals who provide

the following services:

Designing and installation of firefighting systems.

Servicing and maintenance of systems.

The certification for the above professionals is renewed annually to ensure maintenance of set services standards as approved. Stakeholders willing to engage the above professionals verify their professional standing with FPIB.

The Bureau liaises on a regular basis with appropriate government ministries as well as local authorities through Fire Brigade Departments across the country to ensure compliance with statutory requirements in firefighting activities.

Contact the Fire Prevention and Inspection Bureau (FPIB) for your systems inspections, expert advice or for general enquiries on fire risk management on telephone 263 86 77007101 or email to