Soul Jah Love’s desire for clean life


CONTROVERSIAL dancehall singer Soul Jah Love says this year he will lead a clean lifestyle, hence quit everything that makes him intoxicated.
Asked on what makes him intoxicated, the chanter said people should not focus on the substances but the message.
Soul Jah Love has over the years been associated with various intoxicating substances among them the infamous mutoriro and mbanje. “Ndirikusiya zvekudhakwa. People should not focus on the substances but the message I’m saying, I may be referring to sadza. Sadza can get me drunk and send me to bed. I’m changing my ways and lead a clean life.”
In as far as his music is concerned he said he is still waiting on God to give him the direction to take. Sauro as the chanter is fondly known seems to be cementing the gospel route he initiated last year. “I’m waiting for the Lord’s signal. My music comes from God and he will give me the direction to take. As it stands I don’t know what God has budgeted for me, I’m still waiting for the presentation,” he said.
He said he had a fruitful 2019 which he managed to prove and enjoy his talent, dropping the album Zviri Pandiri Zvihombe. “The year 2019 was not so bad, I managed to explore a lot of things and I believe 2020 I will be going a step further. Things have to be different and this will be this year’s wish.”

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