Soul Jah Love lived life to the fullest — family

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THE late Zim- dancehall star Soul Jah Love has been described as an independent person, who lived his life to the fullest by his family. 

Jah Love passed away at the young age of 31 on Tuesday night at Mbuya Dorcas Hospital in Prospect, Harare where he was rushed after falling into a diabetic coma.

Despite his relatively young age, the much-loved singer, whose real name is Soul Muzava Musaka, lived a colourful, fast-paced and controversial lifestyle.

Where ever he went, Jah Love travelled with an entourage larger and louder than that of the president.

He often times ran into trouble with promoters for failing to honour bookings or pitching up intoxicated for shows.

Even though he was born with diabetes, Jah Love battled substance abuse for the better part of his life and had many false dawns in his quest for sobriety.

Some of the leading local preachers and self-styled prophets tried in vain to help him overcome substance abuse.

His well-publicised on-and-off relationship with ex-wife Bounty Lisa was a constant provider of fodder for tabloids and gossip columns.

Jah Love also had fractious relationships with his managers that often ended in nasty break-ups which also captured the attention of the entire country.

Despite all these controversies both in his professional and personal life, Jah Love remained one of the most sought-after Zim- dancehall performers.

Naturally blessed with a gift of coming up with witty lines and catch phrases in his songs, the Pamamonya Ipapo hitmaker continued to churn out chart toppers throughout his career.

For his family, it was a life well-lived as he chose to pursue his first love — music — to the best of his abilities.

“Being independent as he was, Soul Jah Love loved his music more than anything else. He sacrificed a lot of opportunities in his life for the sake of his music career.

“At one point in his life, he rejected an offer to stay with his sisters in the United Kingdom as he chose to stay here in Zimbabwe to pursue his music career.

“He battled diabetes all his life and that is the reason why some of his siblings tried to convince him to stay in the UK where there are better medical facilities but he chose to remain in Zimbabwe for the love of his music,” his cousin and family spokesperson, Solomon Musaka told the Daily News.

Contrary to popular belief, there was no bad blood between Jah Love and his family as they realised the Ndini Uya Uya hitmaker had chosen his path.

“He did not cut links with the family as such but he chose to live with his friends,” Solomon added.

Tentatively, the family hopes to bury the late Zim- dancehall star in the capital tomorrow after results of the postmortem have been released.

“We are still waiting for Covid-19 test results. If he tested positive, then the burial will be in line with World Health Organisation guidelines but if not, we will push the burial to Friday either at Glen Forest or Warren Hills,” he said.

Born in Prospect, Soul Jah Love moved to Highfield at the age of three together with his late twin brother John following the death of their mother Sithembeni.

Following the death of his maternal grandmother, Jah Love ventured into the music industry in the early 2000s as a backing vocalist and dancer for urban grooves star Roki.

He then recorded his first single in 2002 before it was finally released in 2004 when Zimdancehall was making its baby steps.

From there on, Jah Love never looked back as he went on to release some monstrous hits like Pamamonya Ipapo, Ndini Uya Uya, Dai Hupenyu Hwaitengwa, Gumkum and Kana Ndafa among others.

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