Soul Jah Love appeals for professional help  

SHOWBIZ practitioners contend Zimdancehall singer Soul Jah Love’s confession and call for spiritual help to overcome drug and substance abuse could just be a tip of the iceberg with medical institutions reporting that more than 290 000 Zimbabwean youths are hooked on drugs and substance abuse.
Soul Jah Love’s plight recently trended on various media platforms when he sought spiritual help from Walter Magaya’s Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries (PHD).
After appearing at PHD for divine intervention, the chanter was this week involved in a car accident along the Harare-Bulawayo highway after losing control of his vehicle which overturned.
Social analysts were quick to advise that the singer needs urgent professional help if is he is ever to overcome his predicament.
The showbiz industry and in particular Zimdancehall sector has witnessed a high uptake of various drugs and intoxicating substances by youths, most of them unemployed.
Werras Entertainment boss, Samuel Saungweme who has for the past three years held awareness campaigns in the fight against drugs and HIV/Aids told the Daily News on Sunday that over the years they have helped several musicians, most of them young chanters, to fight addiction.
He said at the moment Soul Jah Love needs rehabilitation for him to get back on track.
“This is just one incident that has become popular because of the singer’s profile. There are many youngsters suffering from drug abuse and some are in hospital and psych units. We have helped other singers who had similar issues.
“At the moment he needs rehabilitation for at least three months. Yes, he might go to church but for now he needs professional attention,” said Saungweme.
Benjamin Nyandoro who at one point managed Soul Jah Love and transformed him into a professional artist said there is need for influential people involved with music to take a leading role in changing the narrative.
He said there are a lot of misconceptions around dancehall which need to be changed.
“There are people whom those chanters listen to and respect. Those people should take a leading role in changing certain narratives. For example they can say if you want to work with us then no drugs. There are certain misconceptions around the genre and the wave of drugs is rife and needs to be changed before it wipes out the whole movement,” he added.
He said Soul Jah Love needs more help to get back on track.
“His visit to Magaya if it helps him then he should embrace it. It should not just end with prayers,” he said.
Founder of City Mission, an organisation that rehabilitates drug addicts, Nkululeko Dewa said he has since launched a course outline that he believes would help Soul Jah Love.
“In such cases our protocols would be to take him through a baseline evaluation, interrogate him for possible triggers to drug intake. We will run him through detox programme with corrective supplements before completion of his programme; the triggers would have been found and addressed and a supportive post-rehab programme designed.”

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