Sikhala to spend another weekend in prison


MDC Alliance vice chairperson Job Sikhala, pictured, who is facing allegations of inciting public violence will spend another weekend in prison before coming back to court on Monday for continuation of his case.

Yesterday, two videos were produced and played in court in support of the State’s opposition to his admission to bail while the investigating officer Victor Mukohwa was called to explain the videos’ basis.

One of the videos shows Sikhala in an office and the other at a location he claims to be his rural home as he pleads his innocence; that he never at any point incited violence.

The investigation officer said Sikhala had vowed, based on the second video not to cooperate with the police. Despite the news that he was wanted by the police, he never visited their station.

He said they visited his place and never found him and also had his rural home checked but to no avail only for him to be arrested in Tynwald while allegedly hiding in a ceiling.

He said, as shown in the video, Sikhala had vowed to fight the State and that despite being looked for by the police he “was not cheap and would not give in”.

Mukohwa’s cross examination will continue on Monday before Harare magistrate Lazini Ncube.

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