Sandy photos break the Internet

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Vasco Chaya

STEAMY photos of musician Sandra Ndebele have gone viral and are creating a buzz among social media users, the Daily News reports.

Sandra is trending on social media since July 10 when the pictures were released thanks to the alluring effects of the photos.

The pictures are virtually found in every social media group, dividing opinion among virtual group members.

One social media user Wellence Mujuru sensationally claimed the diva was sent to distract the country from real issues of corruption and bad governance among others.

“…Ndebele has been sent by Zanu PF to distract us from real issues happening in the country. I have v11s. Now young and old people cannot keep focus, ini I won’t be distracted, I won’t post her pictures or talk about how well built her behind is like; how that dress just shapes perfectly with her body… atumwa munhu uyu.”

On local news sites such as Zim Celebs, Zimbabwe Diaspora News and Zimbuzz among others the musician is getting thousands of likes and hundreds of comments.

“She changed a lot. Ave yellow bone from dark chocolate asi haasisina murume? (is she still married) the way she is dressing now,” said one of the social media users Alice Muswerarimwe.


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