Russian fertiliser company eyes Zimbabwe market


A RUSSIAN fertiliser manufacturing company, Ecorost Company, is set to construct an organic fertiliser manufacturing plant in Mutare, which will see the introduction of new technology into the country’s agriculture sector.

In a statement yesterday, the company, which will bring to fruition its plan through its local firm, Keshidale Investments, said it has since imported 10 tonnes of organic fertilisers in order to carry out trials and test the market.

“This new organic fertiliser is a perfect fit for Zimbabwe and we have since imported some fertilisers to be tested in the local market and we have concrete plans to set up a manufacturing plant in Mutare.

“We are fully committed to support the Zimbabwean agricultural industry and we are of the opinion that adoption of organic fertilisers has been the missing link for Zimbabwe to regain its bread basket status.

“Ecorost is very much confident of Zimbabwe as a mart and we are their representative in Zimbabwe as Keshidale Investments,” Keshidale executive director Ismail Shillaev said.

The Ryazan-registered company, which has offices in Serbia, Italy, Georgia, Kazakhstan, India, United Arab Emirates and Zimbabwe, said it uses advanced technology safe to both humans and animals.

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