Residents rescue Harare City Council

QUINNINGTON Residents Association (QRA) in Harare has come to the council’s rescue after repairing one of the broken down graders that is now servicing not only the northern suburbs, but the rest of the capital.

This was after acting Harare mayor Musarurwa Mutizwa made a passionate plea for repairs of non-working machinery to help the council accomplish its service delivery. 

“It is my pleasure receiving this community initiative, I would also like to challenge the rest of the Hararians to come on board by playing an important role in making Harare traffic user friendly and world class. 

“This gesture will go a long way in achieving the road repairs and maintenance … this piece of equipment that you have repaired is going to serve the greater Harare in terms of making our roads passable and trafficable.

“We never anticipated that our plea was going to attract a gesture of this magnitude from our residents. We are not going to belittle any help that comes our way from our residents. 

“We will give it the value it deserves just like what you have done….. The environment around us, the ambiance of the city belongs to all of us,” Musarurwa said during the handover of the repaired grader.