Region to help Moza fight terrorist groups

Sindiso Mhlophe

©️  ZIMBABWE and other Southern African Development Community (Sadc) states that include Zambia and Botswana have committed to help Mozambique fight terrorist groups wreaking havoc in the northern parts of that country.

This came out after an extra ordinary Organ on Politics, Defence and Security Cooperation summit held in Harare yesterday which was attended by Mozambique’s President Filipe Nyusi, Zambia’s Edgar Lungu and Botswana President Mokgwetsi Masisi,.
The meeting followed Mozambique’s request for Sadc to review the “urgent security situation” in the country.
Speaking at the event, President Emmerson Mnangagwa, who chaired the summit, said the terrorist attacks in Mozambique were increasingly becoming complex and a threat to the peace and security of the region.
“The formal presentation of this matter to Sadc is a clear demonstration of the trust that Mozambique has in Sadc structures, support and solidarity and ability to work together to deal with this evolving threat.
“The threat of terrorism has in the past decade assumed greater proportions.
“Regions that previously did not perceive the seriousness of the threat or seemed immune to terrorism are being targeted by terrorists.
“The threat is now becoming increasingly complex, blurring boundaries between political, religious and ideological terrorism and crime. In addition, the modus operandi of the terrorist groups and networks are intricate.
“Sadc region is equally affected by this growing risk of violent religious extremism, radicalisation and terrorism, a worrying situation for peace, security, and development in our region,” Mnangagwa said.
Mnangagwa further expressed concern over reports of terrorist attacks in Cabo Delgado and parts of Manica and Sofala provinces on civilians, murder and kidnappings of local populations including women and children and the destruction of infrastructure.
“As chair(person), I am gravely concerned by these developments and the resulting threat to peace, security, stability and development in our region
“Let me reiterate our unequivocal rejection of terrorism, in all its forms and manifestation and our strong condemnation of all terrorist acts, which will never be justified.
“The possible impact that these developments have on the peace and security of the people of Mozambique and the entire region are indeed dire.
“Successfully preventing and combating terrorism requires renewed and firm commitment from all Sadc member states.
“It also calls for joint action, given the transnational nature of terrorist groups,” Mnangagwa further said.
Speaking on the outcome of the summit, Foreign Affairs minister Sibusiso Moyo said the summit plus Mozambique had noted with concern and strongly condemned the armed attacks and acts of sabotage perpetrated by the terrorist and armed groups in some districts of Mozambique.
“The Extraordinary Organ Troika Summit plus Mozambique committed and urged Sadc member states to support the government of Mozambique in fighting against the terrorist and armed groups in some districts of Cabo Delgado.
“… reiterated Sadc’s position that condemns all acts of terrorism and armed attacks wherever it occurs as contained in the Sadc
Declaration on Terrorism and the AU Convention on the prevention and combating of terrorism,” Moyo said.
Mozambique has been battling to contain an insurgency of militants that have pledged allegiance to Islamic State and who began attacking villages in the northeast in late 2017.
In the two years since the insurgency began in Mozambique’s isolated northern regions, more than 200 000 people have had to flee their homes and more than 900 people have been killed,
according to the Armed Conflict Location and Event Data Project.


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