Rapper releases raunchy video


Jeffrey Muvundusi
in Bulawayo

IN KEEPING with international trends, a Bulawayo rapper M.U.S.E has recorded a raunchy video for his latest single that has sent tongues wagging in the entertainment sector.

The song which is titled I Want It is the latest project by multi-award-winning young rapper Peter Chester aka M.U.S.E mainly features a skimpily-dressed woman who makes sensual moves that one can be forgiven for mistaking the audio visual for an American production.

The video stars model Roxie, who is the main act in the production that has attracted several views online.
Chester told the Daily News that the whole concept behind the song revolves around online courtship.

I Want It follows the story of a guy and girl who have been flirting online for a while,” said the musician.

“And on one particular day, the lady decides that the flirtation has reached its maximum and decides to pay a visit to the man she has been talking with.

“She messages him and tells him that she would like to meet and he responds positively to them meeting and sends her directions to his home where she goes.

“Like many mature single adults she wants to quench the thirst that’s been building up all the weeks’ she’s been flirting with this man.”

Chester said he released the video because in the Google generation visuals are essential.

“The reason why I decided to release both the audio and visuals on the same day is because I feel that nowadays, music has become so visual.

“Listeners today want to see the artist and secondly see the story in motion as the song plays,” said the musician.
Chester has done a number of collaborations including with the city’s top rappers Cal-Vin and Asaph and his aspiration is to work with the likes of Jah Prayzah, Takura, and Anita Jaxson.

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